Updated Curriculum

I could not be more proud of Hero and Andrew! They have worked extremely hard on developing a new curriculum for our work training center!

We had been using a curriculum from South Africa called Work 4 A Living that has been a great blessing for so many people in Jinja that have completed our program. However, the weakness we experienced with the program was that the program was not specific to Uganda. Uganda and South Africa are very different in many ways.

Hero had previously worked for an organization teaching an entrepreneur, leadership and life skills program in schools. These are the same things we were teaching in Work 4 A Living, so she worked with Andrew on developing a program that is Uganda specific. We have rebranded the program and it is now called the Jinja Work Training Center.

They piloted the new curriculum last month and have been modifying it based on what they learned in the pilot. They are beginning their next class on the 7th of October. Please be in prayer for Hero, Andrew and the students so that their lives will be changed and they will develop a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Well done Hero and Andrew!