Difficult Decisions

I want to begin this post by thanking everyone that has prayerfully and financially supported our family and ministry over the past 4 years. Heart for Uganda has grown and evolved over the years as God has led us and we are enjoying serving Him so very much! The Farming God’s Way and Work 4 A Living programs are truly changing lives in Uganda! People are getting jobs to provide for their families, people are able to grow enough crops to feed their families with enough left over to sell, people are coming to a saving relationship with Christ and people are being discipled. 

With this said, we have come to a point in our family where the educational requirements of our girls has changed. We have decided against boarding school in Kenya for our girls, so that leaves us with online homeschool as the only option that we have found that works well for our family and provides our girls with a proper education. Here is a post I wrote about this decision last July:  http://www.heartforuganda.com/school-dilemma/. The problem is, this isn’t cheap. Online homeschool is a lot more expensive than the co-op program we previously had available to us. The current cost of this online school is $350 more per month than our salary. We have had to go into debt to cover this deficit. Olivia’s current teacher is leaving so she may need to join Paytyn and Morgan in the online homeschool in September. 

We need a minimum of $600/month more in funding to be able to meet our family’s expenses. We had expected to gain a few more monthly donors during our furlough in December and January, however we only gained one. We cannot sustain our ministry going into debt each month to cover our monthly living expenses. We have some very difficult decisions to make for our family regarding our ability to continue working in Uganda. We would love to be able to finish the work God put on our hearts and leave it when it is able to stand on its own with Ugandans continuing the work. Unfortunately, our ministry is not currently able to stand on its own and leaving now would be wasting four years of effort. 

Living on raised support isn’t easy for any missionary. It honestly never gets easier asking for money, but it’s necessary. It’s hard letting others into our struggles, but as we humble ourselves it allows God’s family to come together and serve Him as one body. Would you prayerfully consider coming alongside our family and ministry to help us meet this need? Would you be willing to share this need with others?