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You Always Need Your Mama!

I cannot begin to explain to you how wonderful it was to have my mom spend three whole weeks with us! Four months was by far the longest I have ever gone without seeing my mama! No matter how old you get you will ALWAYS need your mama! We started her visit with a surprise!...


Ladies Retreat

The girls and I attended a ladies retreat at the Kingfisher Resort Wednesday through Friday of last week. We attended from 9am to 4pm each day, the resort isn’t too far from home. It was put on by Kirby Woods Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. The purpose of this retreat was to give rest to...


Life In Uganda So Far

We’ve been in Jinja, Uganda for just about two weeks now and we are adjusting to life here quite well. Some things are different and some are kind of the same. The girls are making new friends every day! The became fast friends with the first girls they met. They are from a very neat...



Have you ever been prayed for? Like people laying hands on you and praying out loud kind of prayed for? If you have you certainly know it’s an amazing, humbling and exhilarating experience! We have had several experiences like this recently and we’re so very thankful for every one of them. We get the example...


Our Way

It’s human nature…..we try to work things out so they go ‘our way’. It’s usually way before their times have come and it’s not what God had for us. It’s difficult to accept the limitations that living one day at a time has on our lives. Klint and I have had plenty of practice with...