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Jennifer the Photographer

I meet a lot of really interesting people while serving with Sole Hope…Like A LOT! It’s one of my favorite things about serving with them. I even met a lady that was born in the same tiny small town hospital as me, can you even believe that?! So, a couple of months ago I met...


So Thankful!

Have you ever been given something and you really wanted to show your gratitude, but you just couldn’t find the appropriate words? Well, this is exactly how I’m feeling. Our family has been so incredibly blessed by several friends and family members coming to visit us over the past three months. Our home was full...


Uganda Experience Part 1-Guest Post by Kimberlyn Pace

I have been living with the Ostermanns for two weeks now and I am convinced of this- the Ostermann family is one of the most lovely and hospitable families I have ever met! They took me in and have taken care of me so well. Wow, I am thankful for them. I am a student...


You asked, I answered!

It’s been awhile since my last blog post mainly due to me not thinking I have much to say. Thankfully Klint had a great idea of simply asking what you’d like to hear so I’ll do my best to answer those that mentioned things they’d like to hear about. The questions asked were basically about...


Thanksgiving in Uganda

This Thanksgiving contained a lot of ‘firsts’! It was our first Thanksgiving away from home and our first to host, which meant we baked a turkey and made dressing by ourselves for the very first time! It certainly wasn’t my favorite Thanksgiving, but we made the most of it! Vanessa and I spent all day...