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Amazing Response!

I just wanted to share how good our God is! Last week, we shared a shortage of donations to cover our increased costs of educating our kids now that they are getting in higher grade levels. We were very worried because the situation had gotten to the point that we were having to consider moving...


Difficult Decisions

I want to begin this post by thanking everyone that has prayerfully and financially supported our family and ministry over the past 4 years. Heart for Uganda has grown and evolved over the years as God has led us and we are enjoying serving Him so very much! The Farming God’s Way and Work 4...


Coming Home for a Visit!

We are heading back to Texas soon!!! It’s time for us to come back home for a visit to spend time with family and friends, update everyone on what we’ve been doing in our ministry and fundraise. We will be home December 1st through January 31st. We would love to come speak at your church,...


Meet Hank

Meet our new male goat, Hank Thunderman! We have a goat project on our farm for several purposed: to generate income to make the farm sustainable, to provide manure to feed our crops, and to teach goat herd management practices. The goats we have on the farm were donated by our friends at Give a...


Successful Student Business

One group of students in our Work 4 A Living program has set a new record for money earned during the course. This group thought outside the box and came up with an idea that is new to Jinja. In our course, we teach them basic business principles such as book keeping, marketing, etc and...